What’s Tech~cordance?  It’s bringing  technology and  faith into agreement. We want to  help you find better solutions for church tech and also be a part of connecting you to your faith.

Hi, I’m Joe Silino. AKA  JD on the site. I’m relativley new to the church tech world and a Tech Director at my home church in Syracuse N.Y. I’ve been a tech and Linux enthusiast since the late ’80s.  I try to  implement Linux on the job when possible and I thought a way to give back would be to share what I’m learning with you. I also want to be better at the ministry side of tech and let’s face it that’s always the more difficult part. So I hope you’ll find some value in my efforts and let me know what would be helpful or interesting to you. Blessings to you in your efforts to do tech for God’s Glory!