City subpoenas pastors’ sermons in equal rights ordinance case – Houston Chronicle

protestHouston’s embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in an unusual step, subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists that have sued the city.


City subpoenas pastors’ sermons in equal rights ordinance case – Houston Chronicle.

Looking Back at Tech


I’ve long been interested in the stories behind the big tech companies. I started with Tim Jackson’s “Inside Intel” 1998. The ComputerHistory Museum is a great resource for this kind of stuff. Michael S. Malone has a new offering dissecting the history and relationships between the founders of Intel. This interview is not only about that book but a colorful rant about the current state of CEOness and a look at what may be in store for the “Valley.”

A Work of Love

cslewisiconsize“William Morris wrote a poem called ‘Love Is Enough’ and someone is said to have reviewed it briefly in the words ‘It isn’t.  …The natural loves are not self-sufficient.   ..It is no disparagement to a garden to say that it will not fence and weed itself, nor prune its own fruit trees, nor roll and cut its own lawns. A garden is a good thing but that is not the sort of goodness it has. It will remain a garden, as distinct from a wilderness, only if someone does all these things to it. Its real glory is of quite a different kind. The very fact that it needs constant weeding and pruning bears witness to that glory”.

– C.S.Lewis “The Four Loves”

Spending the day with Eva


Every once in while I like to spend the day with one of my favorite artists, usually Sundays. Listening to Eva Cassidy can touch one’s heart, emotionally, with her  beautiful covers of songs like Fields of Gold or What a Wonderful World. But the heart also resonates with the knowledge that she still speaks so magically these eighteen years after her death.  One of her most listened to covers is Over the Rainbow. She sings it with a conviction and a peacefulness  that tells us who have been left behind that troubles are for this world and a better day is coming. She keeps me dreaming, she keeps me listening.


Her story from ABC’s Nightline:
ABC Nightline tribute

Older site with lots of info:
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